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Using online tools, virtual classrooms, and traditional hawza education to develop the literacy of the community.

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Toward Islamic Literacy, One Course at a Time

“I think Islamic Literacy is really great for professionals and students. It’s a consistent and manageable way to balance islamic education with the rest of my responsibilities, and there are lots of interesting topics so I’m never bored with classes. I feel much more equipped to handle texts and material on my own after taking classes with experienced teachers on IL. The classes are really great for families or groups of friends to take together and engage in discussions about afterwards, especially if you have family members or friends who live far away.”
– Aleq Abdallah, medical student from New York City
While deepening my Islamic knowledge was always a priority, it necessarily came with other complications. Can I devote the time? Are there efficient formats that will maximize my learning? Can I confidently outline a course of study that respects tradition and still applies directly to the contemporary practical, moral and ethical considerations of my society? Islamic Literacy handles these considerations well. Courses are practical: online, concise, and at convenient times in the evening. More importantly, the instructors are well-versed authorities in the material while maintaining the approachability that is a necessary component of learning. Ultimately, the courses do more than teach a basic understanding; they empower students to extrapolate principles from centuries-old concepts and apply them to their own contemporary context.
– Zayd Allebban, engineer from Dearborn, MI
I have been a student of Islamic Literacy for 2 years. These classes have been lifechanging for me. For years I prayed for guidance on learning about our deen. I had the books yet it was hard for me to independently learn and categorize all there is to know about Islam. When I took Islam 101, the first day the description given to us by Shaykh Rizwan Arastu was an answer to my prayers. He was going to teach us each concept, help us categorize the different areas of study in Islam so that we can organize in our mind the information we are taught throughout our lifetime. The technique used in Islamic Literacy works particularly well for me. We are encouraged to discuss in the live class, we are given ample time to research and think on our own throughout the week, and we have a discussion forum where we can speak with our classmates on topics and ideas. The teachers are engaging during the live class. They encourage us to think and draw conclusions on our own, which was something novel to me, since growing up, this was not particularly encouraged in our madrasahs. The connection I have with my Creator, our Imams and our Nabi (Peace and blessings on them all) is the strongest it has ever been. The more I learn about their lives and about our relationship with Allah (swt) the greater taqwa (God consciousness) I have in my daily life. I am indebted to these classes. Understanding the rububiyyah of Allah (swt) has allowed me to conquer life’s trials and tribulations. I have a new understanding of balaas (hardships) that we face in life. I highly encourage everyone to take these classes. They will transform your life.
– Zamena Momin, entrepreneur from Augusta, GA
I’ve been to Sunday school as a child and did my own research as a young adult but it was my time spent in Islamic Literacy’s interactive courses that I learned the most. The subjects are tackled without cultural bias and aim to give you a solid understanding of the topic in a short amount of time. I strongly recommend that everyone take Islam 101, especially Muslims born into the faith.
– Ebrahim Behbahani, entrepreneur from Chicago, IL
Islamic Literacy allows for learning in a very organized and systematic manner. It also allows for engagement and dialogue under the guidance of expert scholars. Islamic Literacy has helped me develop a renewed connection with Allah. I have been able to promote Islamic education and Quran reading in my own family. For example, I have been teaching Islam 101 and 102 to my teenage son. My wife and I have been able to use the knowledge to become better Sunday School teachers. I would recommend I-L courses to any adult or teenager, whether born into Islam or a convert, or to an entire family looking to develop a deeper understanding of Islam and connection with Allah. To be successful, the student must be interested in learning, adopt a growth-mindset and constantly infuse this with humility, and prepare prior to class to gain the most benefit. The courses at I-L don’t overburden the busy adult.
– Farooq Bandali, pharmacist and entrepreneur from NJ
I have been fortunate enough to have been a student of Islamic Literacy for a number of years now. From courses such as Islam 101 and 102 – which I thought would be a review since I believed I had the basics down but was shocked at how much more I learnt and realized I needed to learn – to courses in Arabic morphology and syntax, and studying the magnificent Quran, the beauty of the Psalms of Islam, and currently the depth of Islamic Ethics, Islamic Literacy has been critical in helping me grow spiritually and fulfilling my need to expand my Islamic knowledge and appreciate Islam on a different level. The courses offered are high-caliber, well-planned, relevant and user-friendly. The instructors are highly knowledgeable and wise. I am deeply grateful to have found this avenue toward knowledge and hope to continue taking classes for as long as I can.
– Sabiha Bandali, medical social worker from Austin, TX

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