The Legal Verses (part 5)

Course Description: It is commonly said that about 500 of the Qur’an’s verses relate to practical matters. These are referred to as āyāt al-aḥkām or “legal verses.” The study of these verses is an important sub-genre of Qur’anic exegesis, and understanding them is key to knowing our duty before God. In this course, we shall make a systematic study of these verses, taking the help of generations of jurists and exegetes, to better understand what our Lord wants of us. To find out more about the course, click here.

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Course Structure:

  • Each week, students will watch a prerecorded video presentation by Shaykh Rizwan about the verses under examination. The video will be about 60 minutes long.
  • They will then attend a weekly live session with Shaykh Rizwan to discuss the verses and ask questions.


  • It is advised that students be at least 16 years old.
  • High-speed internet connection, mic, and headphones.


  • Student should expect to invest 2 hours per week completing assignments.

Dates and Timings:

  • Dates: Week of Jan. 28 to Week of Jun. 9, 2024 (15 Weeks)
  • Break: Classes will be suspended for the duration of the month of Ramadan (Mar. 10-Apr. 10)
  • Weekly live session: Wednesdays 9-10pm EST (click here to convert this to your timezone).

Attendance Policy:

  • Please note that Islamic Literacy has a strict attendance policy as part of its effort to promote a positive learning experience. The minimum requirement for any class is that you show up! You are allowed only one unexcused absence. Further absences are grounds for expulsion from this course. Preplanned absences for work and travel must be approved by the Medical and family emergencies must be explained before or soon after to the

Course Fee: 

  • $200 US (this will be requested from you after you register)

Deadline to Register:

  • Register by Jan. 24, 2024


  • An English translation of the Qurʾān, preferably The Qurʾān with an English Paraphrase by ʿAlī Quli Qarai or The Study Qurʾān by Syed Hossein Nasr et. al.


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