The Legal Verses (part 4)

These 15 videos were created for Legal Verses (part 4) on Islamic Literacy. We are now offering access to them as an audited self-paced course with no live sessions. To find out more about the course, click here.

Course Description: It is commonly said that about 500 of the Qur’an’s verses relate to practical matters. These are referred to as āyāt al-aḥkām or “legal verses.” The study of these verses is an important sub-genre of Qur’anic exegesis, and understanding them is key to knowing our duty before God. In this course, we shall make a systematic study of these verses, taking the help of generations of jurists and exegetes, to better understand what our Lord wants of us. In part 4 of this course we cover 22 verses on the following topics related to marriage:

68 – Obligation to Facilitate Marriage 

69 – Obligation to be Chaste until Marriage

70 – Permission to marry women

71 – Obligation of the bridal gift

72 – Sexual Relations Limited to wives and slaves

73 – Marriage with believing women and kitābī women is permitted

74 – Sexual relations with married women prohibited unless they are slaves; relations with others, particularly through mutʿah permitted

75 – Marriage to female slaves permitted

76 – Marriage with father’s ex-wives prohibited

77 – Maḥārim of a man named

78 – Marriage to Pagans Prohibited

79 – Prohibition against taking back the bridal gift after consummation

80 – Mutʿah or half the mahr legislated

81 – Mutʿah is legislated

82 – Qualities of a righteous wife and remedies for a contumacious wife

83 – Prohibition against neglecting a wife

84 – Compromise with a man who doesn’t want her

85 – Men are called to chastity

86 – Women are called to chastity and their maḥārim are listed

87 – The Verse of Seeking Permission to Enter (āyat al-istīdhān)_part 1

88 – The Verse of Seeking Permission to Enter (āyat al-istīdhān)_part 2

89 – Etiquette of Entering a House

89 – Etiquette of Entering a House89 – Etiquette of Entering a House

Course Structure:

  • This is a self-paced audit course with no live sessions.
  • Video links and detailed lecture notes will be shared after enrollment.

Course Fee:

  • $50

Deadline to Register:

  • Register by Jan. 24, 2024


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