The Legal Verses (part 2)

These 15 videos were created for Legal Verses (part 1) on Islamic Literacy. We are now offering access to them as an audited self-paced course with no live sessions. To find out more about the course, click here.

Course Description: It is commonly said that about 500 of the Qur’an’s verses relate to practical matters. These are referred to as āyāt al-aḥkām or “legal verses.” The study of these verses is an important sub-genre of Qur’anic exegesis, and understanding them is key to knowing our duty before God. In this course, we shall make a systematic study of these verses, taking the help of generations of jurists and exegetes, to better understand what our Lord wants of us. In part 2 of this course we cover 21 verses on the following topics related to prayer, zakah, khums, anfal, fay’, and hajj:

27 – Raising the Hands During Takbīr
28 – Friday Prayer (ṣalāt al-jumuʿah)
29 – Prohibition against Praying over a Hypocrite or for Him
30 – Shortened Prayer when Afraid (al-qaṣr)
31 – Congregational Prayer During War (ṣalāt al-khawf)
32 – Concessions for Praying when Afraid
33 – Supplicating After Prayer
34 – Listening to the Qurʿān
35 – Congregational Prayer
36 – Replying to Greetings 
37 – Seeking Refuge from Satan 
38 – Khums
39 – Anfāl
40 – Fayʾ
41 – Zakāh
42 – Disbursement of Zakāh
43 – Legislation of Ḥajj
44 – Legislation of Ḥajj al-Tamattuʿ
45 – The Ḥajj Season and Its Prohibitions
46 – The Streaming from  ʿArafāt to Muzdalifah
47 – The Streaming from Muzdalifah to Minā

Course Structure:

  • This is a self-paced audit course with no live sessions.
  • Video links and detailed lecture notes will be shared after enrollment.

Course Fee:

  • $50

Deadline to Register:

  • Register by Jan. 24, 2024


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