Qur’an 30/30

Course Details:

Instructor: Fatemah Meghji 

Please Note: This class is open to sisters only.

Dates & Time: Fridays, twice a month 6pm PST (9pm EST)  for 75 minutes 

Start Date: Friday October 11th, 2019 until the month of Ramadhan (May 2020); Enroll anytime.

Fees: FREE (Donations can be given at the student’s discretion)  

Topic: The tafsir/commentary of Surah Maryam 

Objectives: The goal of this online class is to build a familiarity with the stories of the Qur’an through the stories in Surah Maryam (particularly the story of Lady Maryam (a) herself) and to explore the many lessons that this Surah has to offer. The primary focus of this class is to focus on how the Qur’an can help us navigate our faith, and serve as a guiding force in our lives and worldview. Class readings will be provided and the class will be heavily discussion-based with many opportunities to interact. 

Attendance Policy: Students are expected to try to be present for every class to ensure maximum benefit. However, there is no formal attendance policy. We welcome mothers with children; the class will be flexible enough with a mute feature so that mothers with young children will be at ease. 


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