Storytelling for Parents

This is a new course taught by the creators of Noor Kids!

Storytelling is a powerful tool for teaching children virtuous character, morals, and values. In this course, Amin and Sana Aaser of Noor Kids will provide hands-on lessons on how to use storytelling to help your children learn and grow. They will show you how to craft engaging stories that capture your child’s attention and inspire them to be their best selves. This course is designed specifically for parents, so you can feel confident in your ability to use storytelling to make a positive impact on your child’s development.

Course Structure:

  • There is space for only 20 participants. Admission is by application.
  • Each week, parents will be required to join a 60-minute live session via Zoom.
  • Outside of the live session, attendees will be required to do homework, which includes creating their own stories.
  • The course is hands-on, and attendees will be asked to share their stories with the class such that we can workshop them together. 


  • Enrollees must be parents and have a strong desire to learn storytelling. 
  • High-speed internet connection, mic, headphones, and webcam.
  • Students must keep webcams on for the duration of each live session.


  • Student should expect to invest 1-2 hours per week completing assignments.

Dates and Timings:

  • Course Dates: Jan. 31-Mar. 21, 2023 (8 Weeks)
  • Weekly live session: Wednesdays 8-9pm EST

Attendance Policy:

  • Please note that Islamic Literacy has a strict attendance policy as part of its effort to promote a positive learning experience. The minimum requirement for any class is that you show up! You are allowed only one unexcused absence. Further absences are grounds for expulsion from this course. Preplanned absences for work and travel must be approved by the Medical and family emergencies must be explained before or soon after to the

Course Fee: 

  • $225 (this will be requested from you when you register)

Deadline to Register:

  • Register by Jan. 22, 2023