EAS Elementary Arabic Syntax

Arabic Grammar is composed of two sub-disciplines: morphology and syntax. Simply put, morphology (ṣarf) teaches us how to build and manipulate Arabic words. Syntax (naḥw) teaches us how to build sentences with those words and how those words change as a factor of their function in a sentence. EAM focuses on the former. EAS focuses on the latter.

Note that this is a 2-semester course. The course fee of $400 covers both semesters.

Course Structure:
• One prerecorded video by Shaykh Rizwan will be posted weekly to Youtube. Students must watch the video and complete the assignments before the weekly live session.
• Students must attend one weekly live session with the instructor in which they will practice and apply the material learned through the week’s video and check assignments. Live sessions will be conducted virtually.
• Student must be at least 18 years old.
• Students must have successfully completed EAM or prove proficiency in basic morphology (ṣarf).
• Students must be able to read Arabic fluently. As an indicator, they should be able to read a page of the Qur’ān in 4 minutes or less.
• Students must be able to write in Arabic because exercises must be completed in Arabic. You can teach yourself to write before the start of class. The Gateway to Arabic Handwriting Book is a good self-teaching tool for this purpose. Click here to order.
• High-speed internet connection, mic, headphones, and webcam.
• Students must be proficient in using their computer and the internet.
• Student should expect to invest 3-4 hours per week listening to recordings and practicing class material.
Dates and Timings:
• Course Dates: Feb. 8-May. 24, 2017 (15 Weeks)
• Holidays: Mar. 27-Mar. 31 (Spring Break)
• Weekly live session: Wednesdays 9-10pm EST (click here to convert this to your timezone).
Attendance Policy:
• Regular attendance is critical to success in this course.
• Students may miss only one class during each semester. If they miss a second class, they will be removed from the course.
Deadline to Register:
• Register by Jan. 27, 2017
• al-Hidāyah fī al-naḥw
• A PDF of the text will be provided


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