Qur’an 30/30

Course Description:

Qurʾān 30/30 is a two-term course that will run through spring 2020. It is only open to women and will be capped at 60 students.

In this course, we will touch on the major themes of all 30 juzʾ of the Qurʾān in 30 class-sessions (two terms). By the end of the course, students will have read the entire Qurʾān in English, and have a general familiarity with the Qurʾān, sūrah by sūrah. As we go through the summaries of each juz’, we will also have discussions and presentations on various topics and themes that will aid in building an understanding of God’s speech. Some of these topics include, but are not limited to:

  • The organization of the Qur’an: Why is it in the format it is in today? Do the order of the verses and chapters have any significance? Does this matter? Why do the topics jump around so much?
  • Tawhid af’ali in the Qur’an: Why does Allah attribute evil and misguidance to himself? Does this go against free-will? How do we understand the way Allah speaks in the Qur’an?
  • The Ahl al-Bayt in the Qur’an: Why doesn’t the Qur’an mention the Ahl al-Bayt by name? Wouldn’t it have been easier if it did? Which verses are speaking about the Ahl al-Bayt?
  • Spiritual wayfaring: Repentance, the philosophy behind du’a, the characteristics of believers, nature and the environment, and spiritual psychology

Class Structure:

  • There is one weekly 1.5-hour long class with the instructor to cover the week’s juz’.
  • Students must also attend an additional 30-minute weekly tutorial with the instructor where they will be able to ask their questions and engage in discussion with the instructor. There will be three such sessions to choose from. The tutorial schedule will be arranged during the first class.


  • This course is only open to women.
  • Students are expected to continue through the second term (spring 2020).
  • Student must be at least 18 years old.
  • High-speed internet connection, mic, headphones, and webcam.
  • Students must be proficient in using their computer and the internet.

Dates and Timings:

  • Course Dates for Part I: Sept. 29-Dec. 18, 2019
  • Weekly live session: Sundays 7-8:30pm EST (click here to convert this to your timezone).

Attendance Policy:
Inshallah we are hoping that this course is both meaningful and productive to all attendees. In order to ensure that everyone is maximizing the potential of the course (and due to our limited capacity), we ask that you do not miss more than one live session per term (i.e. preplanned absences should be reported to the admin). Thank you!

Course Fee:

  • $200 (USD) for both terms (this will be requested from you after you register)

Deadline to Register:

  • Register by Sept. 11, 2019

Course Materials:

  • The Qur’an: With a Phrase-by-Phrase English Translation by Ali Quli Qara’i [any edition is fine] OR The Clear Qur’an by Talal Itani
  • Class notes provided via WizIQ
  • 5-color sticky note tabs
  • Qur’an Reflection Journal


This course is a continuation from last term. There is no new enrollment until Fall 2020.