News and Current Events

Course Description:
How can I understand what is happening around the world when different news sources offer contradictory reports and analyses? What issues should matter most to me? Is there such thing as unbiased news? Is my goal in consuming news to learn facts or something else? What Islamic principles can guide us through world events? These and similar questions will be the subject of News and Current Events.

Note: This course was offered last year for high school and college students. It is now being offered to a broader audience.

Course Structure:
• Each week we will study an aspect of the news and examine how different narratives affect news coverage and perceptions of events. A brief article or text will serve as the introduction to each aspect and the basis of the discussion.
• Students must attend a weekly one hour discussion with the instructor.

• Student must be at least 18 years old (exceptions may be made at the teacher’s discretion).
• High-speed internet connection and webcam.
• Students must be proficient in using their computer and the internet.

• Student should expect to invest 1-2 hours per week completing assignments.

Dates and Timings:
• Course Dates: Sept. 15-Dec. 18, 2019 (14 Weeks)
• Weekly live session: Wednesdays 9-10 pm EST (click here to convert this to your timezone).

Attendance Policy:
• Regular attendance is critical to success in this course.
• Students may miss only one class during the semester. If they miss a second class, they will be removed from the course.

Course Fee:
• $150 (this will be requested from you after you register)

Deadline to Register:
• Register by Sept. 11, 2019

• There is no textbook for this course.


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